Michaela Weber

Landscape and Wildlife Photographer

Photo credit Jennifer Brühlmann, Amazing Views Photo and Adventure Tours

The remedy for longing

Perth, October 2015. I’ve felt homesick and missed the mountains, gorges and dramatic weather of my beautiful home country. After six years in Australia, I’ve decided to move back to Switzerland, where I was born and breed. Soon after, I’ve found myself at Zurich Airport, reunited with my family and friends. And there they were, the majestic Swiss Alps. I escape there as often as I can, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the view. And then it hits me. Now, I miss the sand, the sea and the rough landscape of Down Under. My heart belongs to two places which I call home. A constant yearning bothers me. I don’t want to miss anymore, I want to capture special moments forever. With my camera, I’ve found a way to capture them so that they will never be forgotten.

Two continents, one home

This is how my passion for photography started. As a dual citizen of Switzerland and Australia, I’ve experienced two continents and their beauty up close. In 2016, I bought a camera to capture the beauty of the places visit. Nature is my muse, in the mountains, forests or near water is where I feel happy and find my inspiration. Today, photography is my great passion, which I pursue intensively next to my work. To minimise my environmental footprint, I mainly focus on regional subjects. From time to time, however, I travel abroad for unique experiences like visiting the remote polar regions or volunteering at a husky farm. Beach holidays are not my thing.

A moment for or with you

By looking through my pictures, I hope you can escape from everyday life for a moment and just enjoy the beauty of them. You like my artwork and you want to be able to enjoy this feeling forever? My pictures are available as prints. If you are interested, you can contact me via email or +41774280786 to organise a custom print for you. I am also happy about possible collaborations or feedback. Drop me a line!